About Me


Hi, my name is Matt. I was born and raised in the Caribbean. My parents moved there in the early 80’s, I guess looking for adventure and a different lifestyle. They definitely achieved that! I grew up climbing coconut trees, listening to reggae and eating jerk chicken on the beach. It was an incredible place to grow up and the experience has definitely influenced the person I am today.



My parent’s love for adventure and travel was definitely passed onto me, and I take any chance I get to take a trip. The amazing history of Peru, the rich nature of Costa Rica, awesome food and culture of Japan… just some of my favourites.

One of my latest discoveries is a bit closer to home. It’s a small town called Tarifa, a hidden gem in the south of Spain. My wife took me there and I fell in love straight away. We ended up having our wedding there and now are fortunate enough to be able to split our time between there and Brighton. It is the European capital for kite surfing and the vibe there is super relaxed, friendly and inviting. Now we just need to learn to kite surf (it’s next on the agenda).


My wife Lara is from Spain and we met in a Reggae bar (it had to be 🙂 in Brighton of all places, it must have been fate. She’s as passionate about travel as I am and we’ve been on some pretty incredible adventures together. It was actually on one of these trips around South America that I proposed to her. Luckily she said yes otherwise it could have made the rest of the trip slightly awkward. We now have a daughter called India and a son called Santi who’s the latest addition to the family. They’re both absolutely amazing and we can’t wait to take them both with us on our next adventure.


Music has always been a big part of my life, I remember being introduced at a young age to artists like Michael Jackson, The Beatles and Bob Marley and singing “Could You Be Loved” with my parents and sisters as we blasted it out of the car radio. You could say (my wife says) that I’m a little bit obsessed with collecting my music on vinyl too. I love everything from blues, folk, soul, classic rock to hip-hop and reggae.

We like nothing more than seeing our favourite bands & artists live. Fortunately, Brighton has an incredible music scene so we don’t normally have to travel too far. We’ve had to put the festivals on hold for a bit but as soon as India & Santi are old enough we’ll definitely be taking them along with us. 

Anyway, that’s enough about me! If you think that I would be a good fit for your wedding I’d love to hear more about you and how you plan to celebrate your big day.